Why do we blog?

We blog in order to archive moments in our family as well as inspire other families around us. We believe that by being transparent with our lives and our daily experiences in marriage, parenthood, and even the world of small business that we can inspire you or at least keep you from making the mistakes we have made. 

Where does the name LaVidaVera come from?

As much as I want to say that it was inspired by that Ricky Martin song, "La Vida Loca," it wasn't. When thinking about our life now as the Vera familia, I found that "la vida" (the) life, and our last name, Vera just kinda rolled off the tongue nicely! So here we are, the Vera life!

How did you and your husband meet?

Fabian and I met through a local church that I visited after moving to Texas. I was looking for new friends and wanted to meet people around my age. He was introduced to me one evening while a group of us were hanging out. What started as a friendship quickly turned into dating and soon we were talking about our future together. 9 months later we were married!


What kind of camera do you use?

The great Annie Leibowitz said, "start with what you have and learn it to it's full potential" I couldn't agree more. I am currently using a Canon 6D and a 50mm 1.8 lens. However for capturing quick family moments y'all know your smartphones are just as handy as anything else and some of our moments get captured on our iphones!

How do your sponsors and collaorations work?

I originally began blogging to document our family life in Texas, I feel fortunate to have gained a readership over the years. because of this, this blog has been able to bring in a small income for our family. We’ve partnered with different brands and advertisers that both Fabian and I feel work well with our lifestyle and are a good fit for our readers.

It’s important to us that LaVidaVera is authentic and transparent, so we are incredibly selective about our partnerships and only partner with or share brands we believe in and use. When we do partner with a brand or work with an advertiser, we disclose that relationship. sponsored posts, giveaways, and gifts are always noted as such.

We may use affiliate links when linking to a specific product which means we may make a make a small commission from sales purchased through that link.

To inquire about opportunities to partner or collaborate, please email b.maria.vera@gmail.com.

Is Life really that perfect?

We will be the first ones to tell you that our lives are not perfect. We choose to look at what we are blessed with rather than what we do not have. We look for the joy in our day to day. And yes, we have some not so joyous days. Just as we are honest about our good days we will be honesty about our bad. We keep it real.