Adjusting to life as a SAHM

Transitioning to being a stay at home mama in the past couple weeks has not gone how I had imagined it would go. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been amazing but I think in my mind I had planned this transition to look seamless so it’s kinda throwing me off because that is not how it happened. I really should know by now to stop over planning the future.


The first week I was home with Jax I decided to just chill. I didn’t worry too much about screen time and we stayed in our stretchy pants basically all the time and there was no real schedule other than nap-time. Of course house chores got done but if they didn’t, I wouldn’t stress about it because there was always tomorrow. In this week of chilling I created a monster by allowing Jax to eat his snack on the couch! My eating habits kinda went downhill with a couple trips to Chik-Fil A and some Sonic Happy Hour treats. Also, I just found myself so frazzled because it seemed like there was always something that needed to be done. I got upset at myself for not setting aside time for blogging and working on my content calendar. But on the upside, we did join some other mama’s for a park and picnic play date where Jax showed me how big and brave he was by dominating all the slides!

And then we got sick.

unnamed (5).jpg

Going into week two Jax and I both started suffering from allergies which turned into coughs and upper respiratory infections. I had very little motivation to work on a schedule while trying to stop myself from coughing fits and feeling so exhausted from both of us not sleeping well. I did however, start a small house chores schedule and did my best to stick with it, just to give myself some sense of structure. I choose the things that needed to be done in our casa weekly and divided them up by the weekdays. At first it seemed like the chores were endless but I ended up with 2-3 things to do daily and could accomplish it in 30 min or less. Because we were both sick afternoon nap-time ended up being for both of us. I had intended on using at least a couple nap-times for myself to blog and content plan. That once again didn’t happen this week and for someone who uses instagram and their blog as a business, it should be just as important to make time for it as all the house chores.

Week 2 was also kinda lonely. Fabian works long hours, basically sun up until sun down and we really only had an hour or so to connect before it was bedtime for all of us. We both needed to be intentional about connecting throughout the day with facetime calls and texts. And because Jax had spent all day with me he really wanted nothing to do with Fabian by the time he got home for the day. Their connection required some intentionality too. And being intentional when you have an hour and you’re also exhausted is rough!

Heading into week 3 being at home with Jax I want to break the eating snacks on the couch habit and also, get my healthy eating habits back in check. I had told myself that we should be taking daily walks in the morning while it’s still fresh out and this week we’re going to start. Adding in some intentional play time is also something I want to do. Jax will play independently as long as you let him. I want to sit down intentionally with him and work on his fine motor skills with things like puzzles, lacing, coloring, painting, and using the blocks to build epic towers. I also want to create an art gallery wall to display all of his creations. A trip to IKEA might be in order to help with that!

I’m giving myself grace y’all! A lot of SAHMs have reached out to me and expressed how this transition might be a little hard for me since I thrive off of a routine. Well, they were right. We have no routine right now but we’re working on it. Baby steps right? I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to stay home with Jax and we’re just taking it day by day trying to make the most of it!


What does your SAHM schedule look like? Do you even have one? How long did it take you to come up with something that would work for your family? And when do you make time for you?