Instagram Vs. Reality

As cute as the highlight reel is, I often have moments where I just want to see some real life. We all know that you might look cute sitting on your perfectly white comforter with your coffee, Magnolia Journal, essential oils and a goldendoodle but if we zoomed the photo out what would we see? Put me in that scenerio and you’ll probably see a chair in the corner with folded laundry from the previous week waiting to be put away, at least 3 water bottles sitting on the end table, and a blanket covering the window because we still don’t have blackout blinds. That’s real life y’all.

I thought we would share some behind the scenes of some of our latest instagram posts. Y’all already know we keep it real… so we’re about to open up our camera roll and show you the real/un-edited photos. Enjoy some LaVidaVera Instagram vs. Reality moments!

I asked y’all on Instgram to send me your instagram vs. reality shots and I don’t know if some of y’all were afraid to show real life or what but I had two of my IG mama friends send me some pretty great shots! Enjoy and give Lauren @inthemuddleofmitchells & Lizette @lizettegsandoval a follow!