So you're a boy mama...


It’s becoming more clear to me what it really takes to be a boy mama. It’s more than just a cute t-shirt. It’s an attitude, a very active and alert attitude. Jax is about to be 20 months old and has entered this stage where he is go-go-go all the time. Even when he was hit with bronchitis last week, he was still up and moving non-stop.

Don’t get me wrong I prayed for this boy. Specifically for a boy and I thought I knew what I was in for when I prayed that prayer but oh man! Being a boy mama has helped me let go of control and some serious selfishness that was still hiding inside of me. It’s caused me to realize I need to be more healthy because he really is watching what I am eating and how active I keep myself. Oh, he learned how to say cookie so that’s not great for our secret stash of girl scout cookies. Being a boy mama has reminded me to get more sleep (if possible). Obviously there are times where that is not going to happen but I am still a mama that sleeps when her kid sleeps and I will always be that kind of mama. Ain’t no naptime hustle in our home. We’re all sleeping!

Being a boy mama has taught me to just roll with it. There are so many gross things that Jax is starting to do and I am just rolling with it. Picking his nose, licking all the things, drinking the bath water, I mean… most of them have to do with eating but y’all get it. Kids can be gross. Being a boy mama has taught me to slow down and not be in such a rush, play with the toys while you’re shopping, have a sword fight with wrapping paper, sing Old McDonald until someone else in Target starts singing along with y’all.

Being a boy mama, specifically a curly headed boy mama has taught me to just let people touch my son’s hair. I know at some point we’re gonna have to teach him how to politely set boundaries but in the meantime, y’all can touch it.

Motherhood, shows us sides of ourselves that we didn’t even know were there or better yet, that we thought we already took care of. Hello… selfishness anyone? So, whether you’re a boy mama, a girl mama, a both mama, a soon to be mama, or a one day in the future mama, just know that YOU ARE/WILL BE THE BEST MAMA FOR YOUR LITTLES! Don’t compare your story but instead communicate it with those around you. Laugh through it, cry through it, and allow your motherhood to shape and mold you! And when you find your child eating goldfish out of the cracks between his toes, you’ll remember THAT little kid made you a mama. And he most likely learned that from his father.

What has your motherhood or fatherhood taught you? Leave a comment and tell us!

I asked y’all on Instagram to fill in the blank, “being a mama/papa has taught me…” Here’s what some of y’all said.

“How to smile again! I was in a really dark place. My kid saved me!” @crys.timestwo

“That smelling another human’s butt is possibly the most pure form of unconditional love.” @laura_lape

“That someone is watching your every day move and even what you say.” @lizettegsandoval

“How selfish I used to be.” @nellitalabonita

“Laundry never ends.” @mrs_mtorres0509_15

“That I’m strong than I think! And to roll with the punches with the best attitude possible.” @jesslee30

“My parents deserve a medal or something for keeping me alive.” @caitlin_mcglaun

“To deal with inner issues unless I want them to come out in my kids!” @pearl.oscar

“How to nurse a baby while simultaneously taking a poo.” @ohheymichele

“To try and have more patience with my daughter and not expect more than what she is capable of at her age.” @karenrice17

“That you should never say, “oh my child would NEVER do this” I am now eating my words.” @empowered_momma