Our Tattoo Date


A week before Valentine’s day Fabian told me he was taking me out on a date. Quality time is my love language so I was so down for a date night with just him! He said I needed to dress up so I wore my new dress from Roolee and he wore his velvet suit jacket from Target! We looked good y’all. By the time we left it was dark though so no ootd photo.

He had the whole date planned out and wanted to give me spoilers but I told him, “no, just do what you planned! I will love it!” We went to Texas De Brazil for dinner and splurged on ourselves a bit. Toward the end of dinner Fabian said, “I have one more thing planned and you have two options. One includes dessert and one doesn’t.” Since I was already stuffed out of my faja I said, “no dessert.”

Where we ended up next I could not of guessed it for a million years! A tattoo shop!

Our date night had landed us at a tattoo shop! Fabian showed me all the fun inspo he had been pinning for weeks now and he wanted us to get a tattoo together. He also reminded me that a week previous to our date he asked me out of the blue what I would get if I got a tattoo. My answer was a cross but other than God, it really had no meaning for me and to be honest seemed a little basic.

So we ended up at the tattoo shop right, me being the not so spontaneous one in the relationship I kept my cool and went with the plan! I hadn’t thought of anything to get, I actually had just deleted my pinterest board with tattoo ideas and I was not mentally prepared to find a spot on my body for art to go forever. I already have 2 very minimal tattoos on my right outer forearm and just couldn’t think of another minimal spot. My philosophy when it comes to tattoos is this, make it meaningful and make it you.

So what did I end up with? A dinosaur. This was actually one of Fabian’s ideas. I just borrowed it. When it comes to our son Jax, his love for dinosaurs is pretty undeniable. I know he’ll probably look at me when he is a teenager and think, “Omg my mom got a dinosaur tattoo because I once loved dinosaurs?” We’ll y’all who knows? He could end up being a paleontologist like Ross? I also, love the thought that I’ll one day be an Abuelita with a dinosaur tattoo! It’s something cute, fun, minimal, and a memory of this season of life with Jax. I love it.


Now for Fabian’s tattoo, he had so many ideas y’all but the overlying theme for him was to celebrate the season we are in as a family of three. Fabian already has a half sleeve of tattoos and one on his chest. He is no stranger to the process. Out of all of his amazing ideas, he decided on three triangles. One triangle to represent each of us, with room to add more in the future. He choose to do this really cool blue watercolor splash on top of it. And in his words, “that represents the earth around us.” It looks really cool and I love the splash of color. It fits in with all the other artwork he has on his right arm and leaves lots of room for more if he chooses to add anything else. (Which he probably will.)


This was so out of the norm for us but I loved it. Spontaneous but planned at the same time. We went to Sleepy Hollow Tattoos in Downtown Fort Worth and highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a tattoo shop. I’ll tag our artist’s instagram page HERE.