How To... Have a Productive Day

So this is a little more specific than just ‘how to have a productive day.’ It’s more like ‘how to have a productive day when you’re at home all day. I shared yesterday on Instagram that I started doing one thing different when I am home with Jax during a weekday. Y’all really responded to it so I thought I would elaborate on the blog here and maybe generate some more convo about it.


It seems silly and simple but y’all choosing to get dressed on a day when you know you’re just going to be home is a big deal. I love some pj bottoms and yoga pants just like everyone else and most of the time I get home from work and the jeans come off and even though I have no intention of doing yoga, at least I put on the pants for it.

For a few weeks now I’ve been getting dressed. It sounds so silly but yes, as an (almost) 32 year old woman I am making the conscious effort every day to get dressed. It’s helped me a lot. Whether people see me or not, I am showered, my hair is done, my brows are on, I am wearing a bra, and have on an outfit that wouldn’t be mistaken for athleisure.

Ok, so why is this a big deal? Well, I find that when I get dressed intentionally I become more intentional about my day. The to-do list gets tackled and I feel like there is more purpose in my day. And also, who wouldn’t want to fold their laundry looking all cute.

Have you tried this? A few of y’all said you have and it has helped you be more productive as well. Do you have any other tricks up you sleeve that help you become more productive?

I shared my latest PinkBlush top on insta with y’all cause this is what I wore on my Monday home this week! I think it deserves a little shoutout on the blog as well! And because y’all know we keep it real, here are my stats I am 5’5” and am wearing an XL. I love the cut of this top because it’s fitted on the bust and shoulders and flowy on the bottom. You can do a little front tuck or just let it flow to hide those extra tacos you ate at lunch. Check this top out for yourself by clicking HERE! Also, I think we can all agree that this top is totally my vibe too! Like, hello aesthetic! Check out more from PinkBlush below.

Cheers to more productive days y’all!