2019 Word of the Year

Happy New Year y’all! We’re 10 days in, how are your resolutions going? As individuals and as a family we set goals for the new year and in addition to setting our goals we like to choose one word to focus on for the year. If this concept is new to you here’s a great 4 day devotional that helps explain the purpose of this a little better than I could. These words sometimes come to us easily and other times it takes some prayer and fasting to weed out the noise in our world and listen to God’s voice.

Last year it took us both a while for God to confirm our words but this year, God was very clear in what He wanted us to focus on for 2019. Keep reading to find out our words and understand why God spoke them to us.

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Bee’s word of the year: No

Coincidentally my word for the year is the word that our son Jax is learning how to yell. Toddlers, y’all. When it comes to the word, “no” it typically is used as a negative response to something. But let me tell you what God told me about my “no.” Last year I felt a lot of growth and also, a lot of burn out. I am a type 2w3 on the enneagram and the helper in me wanted to help anyone and everyone, even if they didn’t ask for it. The need to be needed was real in 2018. I said yes to most everything that was asked of me, even when I wanted to say no. I said yes to things out of guilt, out of shame, out of wanting to appear successful, out of the desire for praise, and when it was all said and done, I forgot to say yes to myself.

Now saying yes to yourself can be seen as, yes… selfish. And that’s what I kept telling myself when I was encouraged by my husband multiple times last year to go and get a mani/pedi and to take time for me. My response would be, “that’s ok.” It wasn’t about having a fresh manicure, it was about taking some time for me to recharge, disengage, and remember that I am just as important (if not more important) than everyone else that I am constantly trying to help.

So this year, I am choosing to focus on saying, no in order to say my best and most genuine yes! What this looks like for me is balancing my relationship with God, my marriage, parenting, and my home life before I say yes to anything else. By establishing order and balance in my life I know that every other goal I have set for myself this year will be accomplished because I will be my strongest self in 2019, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Matthew 5:37 “A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice. Anything beyond this springs from a deceiver.”


Fabian’s word of the year: Victorious

When I was thinking about a word for the new year, I found myself thinking too hard about it. I decided to keep praying because my own thoughts were giving me nothing. Every night when we put Jax to bed we read the verse that hangs on the wall, it’s the verse that we have been declaring over his life. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 When we read that verse that night God spoke to me, “don’t be afraid to take on a victory, don’t be afraid to take a risk.” In the end we are all victorious because we walk with God. Our victory is always in Him.

The next day Bee and I were talking about the new Bethel album which coincidentally was called, “Victory.” I started to listen to a track on the album called, “Victory is Yours” and it was bomb! That same day, we had a really important appointment as a family and once again God confirmed to me that we were victorious. Any worry I had went away because through Him I am victorious. Throughout the rest of this year there will be more victories. I am not sure what is about to happen and I am little scared about it but I know that God’s word reign’s true, I am victorious.

Do you pick a word to focus on for the year? Ask God to give you one! We think it’s important to re-focus ourselves often and the timing couldn’t be better than the start of a new year!