God told me to quit my job.

Today, I left my job. I turned in my keys, cleaned out my desk, and walked out of the office with no intention of returning (for now.) Let’s back it up just a bit though because I would hope the title of this blog is intriguing to you.


Back in December 2018 around Christmas time I was minding my own business working in the office when I heard God whisper, “quit your job.” It was a gentle whisper, and it would not go away. I had kinda been disgruntled about returning back to work after having our son Jax and had thought about leaving multiple times. So, when I heard “quit your job” a part of me was wondering if it was just my emotions talking to me. But y’all the whisper would not go away. The next day at the office, I heard “quit your job.” 2 days in a row? I knew God was trying to say something so I put all distractions aside and started streaming some worship music and as the sound of worship filled my earbuds His presence hit me at my desk. I started balling. I was a wreck. Thankfully my desk was in the back corner and I could have a messy, private, moment with God.

God really was telling me to quit my job. Now how was I going to tell my husband?

A couple days after God had spoken to me I was still a wreck and knew Fabian needed to know what was going on. It was now or never. So one night after putting Jax to sleep we both were just laying in the bed staring at the ceiling. It’s not that I was scared of his reaction to what God had told me, it’s just a scary thing. I mean we’re going to lose one income! Thankfully the room was dark and I couldn’t see his facial reaction and he couldn’t see how nervous I was to tell him. Very timidly I said, “so God told me to quit my job.” The room was silent for what felt like minutes but I am sure it was only a couple seconds. “He did,” Fabian asked? I proceeded to share with him everything that I was feeling the past couple of days and how I was so sure it was God’s voice that I heard. Fabian finally said, “I mean, if that’s what God told you, we gotta obey.” (All you single ladies take note, that’s the kind of man that you want!)


I went to sleep that evening with such peace. God had spoken and I, we were about to obey. Now I needed to tell my boss.

2 months later after hearing God speak and closing the accounting books for 2018 at the office, I walked into my boss’s office ready to put in my notice. “Hi, so God spoke to me and I would like to put in my 2 months notice” I said quickly. “Hah! Ok, why are you waiting so long,” asked my boss? I shared with her that I wanted to collect a few more pay checks and also, train my replacement. My boss said, “why were you so nervous to tell me? This has always been the plan!” That right there was just the confirmation that I needed and I started crying. She knew that my heart’s desire was to be home raising my son.

My job has been an incredible blessing to me and to our family. I was hired in as a temp, fast tracked to a permanent position in order to rent my first apartment, given health insurance to cover the cost of our first child, given a raise after 8 months, moved from receptionist to the accounting department, and then was given their first and only part-time position, setting my own schedule. And let me mention that my degree is in Early Childhood Development, not Accounting. This job was from God.

God has asked me to do big and scary things before but this decision involves my whole family. It requires a huge amount of faith (and budgeting) from all of us. We’re ready! Jax is ready to have his mama home with him. The timing could not be more perfect. (His timing always is!) I know with big faith moves there is a sense of uncertainty and maybe even worry but all I know is, God has us right where He wants us. And I am so glad my place is going to be at home with my son!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11