Five Highlights & One Low-light: January


I honestly feel like this has been one of the longest months ever! I would say of the year but… duh! This year as a part of remembering to celebrate the little and the big things happening within our lives I thought we would start doing these monthly wrap ups! But also, because we keep it real we’re sharing a low-light too. We all know life isn’t just full of highlights. But highlights are fun so let’s talk about em’.

  • I (Bee) started running again and doubled my mileage this month! And... I signed up for a 5k! I know it’s common sense or at least we hear people say that exercise is their form of therapy or it gives them a moment for them to recharge and clear their head. Well, it’s true y’all! Ever since I changed my mindset about exercise it’s been easier to lace up my shoes and go run. And if I miss a day, it’s also been easier to give myself the grace I need to not give up. Stay tuned for 5k race day photos!

  • Fabian became a permanent resident of the United States! I think this wins the highlight reel for the month, hands down! This was an amazing way to start off our year. If you want to read more about our immigration story you can click here. There really are no words to know that that another step in securing Fabian’s citizenship is completed. As a family we feel honored that we can go through this process and also, have patience for it. It’s not easy y’all and it takes a long time! But it’s worth it.

  • Every Saturday in January was used to celebrate the birthday of someone we love. Jax is at the age now where he is not only gets invited to birthday parties but he is understands the concept of them. For example, he learned how to say, “cake!” Watching our son celebrate others is such a joy to see. Celebration is a part of the Vera family values for sure! We’re always down for a party!

  • This next highlight may seem very, “eh” and like something that isn’t eternal but let me just say that this whole instagram/influencer thing has brought so many amazing blessings to our family. And I am happy to say that the growth on our blog, our personal instagrams, and even our pinterest has been very steady this passed month. Growth on these platforms is important to us because we see it as a community. We see it as God expanding our influence and we do not take the responsibility of inspiring lightly. However, with the growth comes more opportunities to work with small business and brands, which does provide financially for our family. Is this something you want me to talk more about?

  • Low-Light: This month both Fabian and I had family members pass away. I lost a cousin and he lost a Tia. Losing someone is never easy and it hurts big time to know a part of your family is gone. I had a dream the night before I found out my cousin had passed away and in my dream God was telling me to call her and say goodbye. I woke up the next morning and planned to call her on my way to church but instead I got a call from my mom saying she had passed already. It’s sad to know I will never talk to my cousin again and Fabian won’t get to hug his Tia anymore but we both know they went on to be with the Lord. And that brings us so much peace.

  • Let’s end it on a highlight! One of our goals for the first few months of January was to spend less, more like stop buying the things that we really don’t need despite them sparking joy. Well, this didn’t last long. Fabian bought a new power drill, a camel overcoat, a fancy beard trimmer, and airpods. I bought, more hair products, gave into the 2 for $24 leggings from Fabletics, got a dress from Roolee, and started going thrifting again. At least we cooked more at home this month to help off set our joyful spending!

Tell us a highlight (or low-light) from your month! And also, aren’t you so glad this month is coming to an end? Bring on February!