Our Immigration Story (in a nutshell)


When we talk to people about our love story and how brought us both together we don’t always bring up this important aspect of it. But today, we’re going to talk about it with y’all because maybe you can relate or maybe you’re just curious either way, here we go.

I (bee) was born in Holland, Michigan and I lived there for 27 years before God called me to moved to Texas. I lived with my parents that whole 27 years in a pretty middle class suburban neighborhood. We lived in a white two story house with a wrap around porch. It was one of those neighborhoods that you didn’t need to lock your car doors or even the front door to your house. I had a typical upbringing, public school, church life, a little bit of sports, graduated, got a job, bought a car, went to college, graduated, started my own small business. We were your typical middle class family in America, Mom, Dad, brother, and dogs. Now why is this all important? It’s important so you see the immense difference between my husband and me.


My husband was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. He lived with his mom and dad and two sisters there until he was 8. His mom would put his sister and him on their bike to get around town. When he was 8 they all got in a car, and immigrated to America. Their car was skipped (by the grace of God) when they crossed to border because a drug dog smelled something in the car next to them. They were told to pass on through without being searched. They lived with multiple family members, slept on mattresses on the floor, stayed in garages, until they finally settled in Fort Worth. He went to public school not speaking English and had a tough time learning. While on a missions trip with his youth group as a teen he was almost deported. He was detained but the day of his trial, DACA was passed and his case was dismissed. He started working as soon as he got home, got his GED, went to college, and learned the roofing trade, and is now a successful entrepreneur.

Shortly after we got married in 2016 we started the process for Fabian to become a citizen. Fabian was a little hesitant to start the process but we knew it was important to our family. We met with a lawyer and filled out everything to prove our marriage and relationship. Fabian ended up going back to Mexico during the Spring of 2017 (a couple months before Jax was born) it was an amazing and emotional trip for him. He had been gone for 18 years. He was able to see family again, walk down memory lane, and remember where he started. He successfully crossed back into the United States and our waiting game began.

2 years and one child later we finally received the letter that we had our marriage interview with immigration. We both got dressed up, went over any dates and details that we may have forgotten and went to our interview. We were both nervous and didn’t know what was going to be asked of us but everything went great! Once again, God went before us. This process isn’t easy and it takes a lot of patience but today, we can proudly say that Fabian is a permanent resident of the United States!!! We have spent the weekend celebrating and walking down memory lane remembering all the moments that God went before us not only in this process but in our lives as individuals.


We’re planning to go live today (Monday, Jan 14, 2019) on instagram to talk in more detail about this and maybe answer any questions that y’all might have. I understand this topic is sensitive and our story may look different than yours. But as always, we choose to share our lives with y’all to inspire! Tune in at 6pm EST at @beeaninspiration on instagram if you have questions or want to hear more! Thank you so much for reading another part of our story. The best is yet to come y’all!