Our Story Pt. 2

If you haven’t read Pt. 1 click here. Ok, let’s continue…

“Aye girl, calm down. Yes, I was gonna ask for you number.” That night Fabian sent me a text sharing with me more about the accident that he had just gotten in with is brand new truck. We were texting back and forth until around 1am and I remember saying, “let’s get coffee sometime, I want to hear more of your story.” His reply, “Ok, how about Tuesday?”


Cut to Tuesday when we were supposed to get coffee. At this point I kind of knew it wasn’t a date but when Fabian sent me a text saying, “why don’t we get dinner instead of coffee,” I started asking myself, “oh my word am I going on a date?” (some brief context, I had never been on a date before). I was kind of nervously excited all day. After work I went to where I was living at the time (with our now amazing friends, Miguel and Lacey) and got ready for dinner. To this day I still regret what I wore but unfortunately it was very similar to a laundry day outfit. You know, the clothes you don’t really like and only reserve them for the day when you wash all the other clothes that you do love. I wore a loose blue tee, dark ill fitting denim jeans, and flip flops, hair up in a low ponytail. I guess to me I wanted to assume that it wasn’t a date and just appear casual with my outfit just to make sure we were on the same page.

I sent him the address of where I was living and we both realized we were a little over a mile away from one another! I waited for him to pick me up… and then still waited for him to pick me up… Lacey and I decided that after 15 minutes he couldn’t use the “I am a Mexican and always late excuse.” A text explanation and 17 minutes later he pulled up to the house in his big loud diesel truck. I got into the truck and the first thing out of my mouth before I even said hi was, “you look better than me.” It was true, he was wearing a freshly ironed button down shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. His hair was perfectly slicked back, facial hair was groomed, and brows were on fleek. And there I was in my laundry day outfit. But it’s ok because it wasn’t a date.

That night was amazing. We went for dinner and spent it talking about the most random things. Conversation was simple. No awkward moments at all, not even when the check came and I choose not to reach for my wallet. After dinner Fabian suggested we get coffee. I thought it was a silly suggestion because we had dinner at a restaurant that also was a coffee shop. Nevertheless, we went downtown and Fabian bought us Starbucks. We sat outside talking about everything. I mean…everything. Our families, how Fabian probably was Catfished at one point, how I went to church growing up that kinda messed me up, more about why I moved to Texas, and past relationships. Conversation was easy. So easy that we lost track of time and talked until 2am.

The next two weeks consisted of us hanging out almost everyday. We went to the movies, walked the trails downtown, drank more coffee together, and went out to eat a lot. These hang outs weren’t always just us either, Fabian would ask if he could bring one of his sisters or a couple of them with us to tag along. One Saturday he invited me out for tacos and about an hour before he picked me up sent me a text saying, “oh by the way my whole family is going to be there, is that ok?” Queue B freak out! Of course it was ok, but what did that mean? I was getting introduced to his family? Um, I thought were were just hanging out?

The day after tacos with his whole family, I needed to have the “determine our relationship” talk with him because frankly my heart was starting to fall for him. I needed to know if he was going to catch it or not. I asked him if he wanted to get some paletas with me on Sunday after church praying the whole time that he would start the “what are we doing” conversation because I was really nervous to put my feelings out there. Our whole evening went backwards. We parked by Steel City Pops but then ended up deciding to get dinner instead of dessert. We walked to get tacos and then walked back to get paletas. During our walk back Fabian finally asked me, “por que no tienes un novio?” My Spanish still isn’t great but I knew what he was asking. We started talking about how I had never had a boyfriend and why. We kept talking it out and led to the infamous second line of our relationship, also spoken by me, “I just really like you!” And thankfully his response back was, “I really like you too.”

We continued to talk that evening about our feelings and how I had shared with my parents that I was talking and hanging out with a guy that I really liked (this was new for them and remember they still lived in Michigan). Fabian had shared with me that he didn’t want to put the label of boyfriend and girlfriend on us until he met my family, which would happen in 2 months during Thanksgiving. I could see how important family was to him during the times we had already hung out and having him say that made me respect him even more. Finally when he dropped me off I asked once again, “Ok, so what are we doing?” He said, “Bethany, we are dating.”

To be continued…