Our Story Pt. 1

“So you gonna ask me for my number or what?”

That’s the famous line that you could probably say started our love story. Believe it or not but that confident question came from me, Bee. I don’t know who I became in the moment but a burst of confidence came over me and that’s how Fabian ended up with my phone number. But let’s back up just a little bit in the story….


When I moved from Michigan to Texas I had no friends, of course I had extended family in Fort Worth but I needed to find some friends. I had been following a local youth group that I found on instagram and was waiting for their Friday services to start back up so I could attend. Real talk, their instagram aesthetic looked bomb and they looked like people I would be friends with. I showed up on a Friday night, confident and ready to make some friends. I sat in the front row, worshiped like no one was watching, and introduced myself to everyone. I was so outgoing that people actually thought I was the speaker for that evening. Nope. Just a girl who needed some friends. I didn’t actually meet Fabian that first night but the connections I made led me to him. I started hanging out with some of the girls in that youth group and wound up meeting two of Fabian’s sisters and becoming friends with them. Still not having met Fabian yet, I stayed in contact with all my new friends and one Sunday evening I encouraged all of us to go get some froyo. I reached out to my new friend Lisa and told her to invite whomever she wanted. She basically invited the whole Youth Worship Team, which at the time Fabian was one of the drummers.

There were about 12 people that showed up to all enjoy some dessert together that evening. Lisa went around introducing me to people who haven’t met me yet and that included Fabian. I shook his hand, introduced myself, and found my spot in the group. We didn’t really talk to one another too much that evening partially because Fabian was under the impression I was dating or trying to date one of the other guys. (apparently there was a group message that I found out about later full of all these guys talking about who was gonna ask me out first).

Dessert turned into a spontaneous trip to the movies with everyone and that’s when Fabian and I had our first conversation. And honestly I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember he asked if I had a snapchat. My response, “yes, but don’t you need my number first to add me?” He very quickly showed me that he indeed did not need my number as he scanned the little ghost on my app.

As every true millennial friendship is built, we snap-chatted back and forth a little bit but I was always so nervous to send my face. He would send me a photo of him working or driving his truck and I would respond with a photo of my shoes or the sky. Our conversations were very surface level and my responses to him would always take forever. I did enjoy talking to him though.

Cut to two weeks later and I was asked to speak at the Youth Group on Friday night. They wanted me to share my story of how I moved from Michigan and how God led me to Texas. The evening was great and if you wanna watch my Q&A from that session click here. After the service there was a cookout scheduled so everyone stuck around to hang out. When I went outside and started talking to my new friends Fabian quickly approached me eager to tell me something. In my Q&A session I said, “I needed to be broken down in order for God to build me back up and re-structure who I am now and who I am supposed to be.” Fabian shared with me how what I said went right along with his devotional that morning. He had never had God confirmation anything for him before and he was excited to share that with me. We continued to talk for another 10 minutes or so and as I asked him what his story was he began to open up about different things happening in his life. His truck (which in the moment seemed silly but it was and still is a big part of who he is) and also his relationship with his parents.

Towards the end of our conversation I was captivated by his story and how transparent he was being with me. As a friend, I asked if he wanted to get coffee sometime and tell me more of his story. It was an innocent question because even in that moment I wasn’t thinking, “Oh he’s cute.” I was genuinely interested in his life and wanted to hear more. We kept talking and he continued to share with me more about his family and I listened. Finally I said, “so you gonna ask me for my number or what?”

To be continued…