Pinterest Husband Strikes Again

I've shared on my instagram a few DIY projects that my pinterest husband has surprised me with and y'all I will be honest, when we decided to get married I never knew he had these talents. Yes, we made a couple small DIY projects together when we were dating but he has stepped up his DIY game since our first pallet coffee mug holder that we made together. Now I have to be careful because if I even slightly mention that I want a shelf or need a piece of furniture next thing you know he is building it or refurbishing something he got for free from the end of someone's driveway.  However, I choose to pull these gifts out of him occasionally and mention things that our home needs like a good wife should. Hah!

Take his latest project for example. I mentioned to him that I didn't like having to walk on the grass after getting Jax out of the car. We had 3 little stepping stones but trying to dance across those while carrying a toddler was not working for me. I would track dirt and mud into the house and if the sprinklers had just gone off, forget it... leave the shoes outside. I asked him if he thought we could build a path or something that reached all the way to the back of my car where Jax sat? He was on it! He started gathering his inspo from Pinterest, ran a few ideas by me and got to work.

unnamed (6).jpg

He mentioned that the neighbor had this reclaimed wood in the front of his house, once again I tell you this guy finds the best stuff. He drove his truck over there, loaded up, and started measuring and marking for all the cuts. The inspo came from tying in the pallet wall that he did for our entryway into the path. It took a couple afternoons and lots of measuring and cutting but we love the way it turned out. It ties in the rustic look of our home so nicely and I am so happy not to be walking on the dirt and grass anymore! 


Now we have a path to use when walking in and out of the house from where I park my car on the driveway that was basically done for free! From a want, to a need, to an inspired DIY, and now a completed path, my pinterest husband never seems to amaze me!

Are there any projects you're looking to do around the house? I know as homeowners there is always something to do. I think the next thing on our list will be cedar window shutters. Now to look for inspiration and more free wood at the end of someones driveway!

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