25 things about The Veras

There are a lot of things that are important to us, but our number two is family. (number one is Jesus just in case you were wondering.) Inside a family you have so many moving parts. All with different goals, personalities, and hair products. We thought today we would let you get to know us even more by sharing 25 things about us! And some of those 25 things are answers to questions from you!

In the words of Nacho Libre, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

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(the following are in no order of importance, just thought you should now that)

  1. Fabian’s favorite bible verse is Romans 5:8, “I loved you at your darkest.” You can find it tattooed on the inside of his right bicep.

  2. Bee has an anchor tattoo to match Fabian. She decided that having matching tattoos was more of a cuter option than getting his actual name tattooed on her.

  3. We should probably mention that Fabian’s real name is Fernando. Bee found that out when she decided to stalk him on social media. Bee’s real name is Bethany. Bee is a self appointed nickname to prevent people from calling her Beth.

  4. Jax has only one dimple on his right cheek.

  5. Fabian owns 4 pairs of cowboy boots.

  6. Bee never thought she would marry someone who owns cowboy boots.

  7. We all use a lot of hair products, Jax included. And we change our hair up often, Fabian more than Bee. Fabian always says, “I would rather show up late with good hair than show up on time looking a mess.”

  8. When we were pregnant with Jax we both prayed about what he would look like. Bee wanted him to have her chin dimple and curly hair and Fabian wanted him to have lighter skin and his curly hair. Our prayers were answered.

  9. One of our favorite restaurants can be found nestled inside of the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Fort Worth. Thai Tina’s. I guess you could say that’s “our place.” We went there after we got engaged to celebrate with family and we go there every year on that same date to celebrate.

  10. Fabian’s favorite TV show is The Walking Dead. Bee started watching The Walking Dead during the dating process and was all caught up by the time marriage rolled around.

  11. Jax has always been a belly sleeper and refused to be swaddled despite his mama owning the most amazing swaddle blankets. He also had a rough time sleeping in the hospital because you know, back is best.

  12. The only photos we have from our honeymoon are on our iphones. Bee’s first canon dslr camera was stolen during the honeymoon. The last photo taken on it was in front of the Hollywood sign. The car rental guys stole it.

  13. Every Sunday Jax gets two sprays of cologne on his outfit. The scent is Rue 21 CJ Black.

  14. Fabian likes doing DIY projects and always has a new idea for remodeling an area of our home. We call him the pinterest husband.

  15. The first movie we let Jax watch was Cars 3. We wanted him to start watching a movie that we would enjoy too so we settled on that one.

  16. Fabian is extroverted and would prefer to never be home. Bee is introverted and to be home as much as possible is her dream. Jax is a solid mixture of both.

  17. We had 350 people at our wedding. Some of those people weren’t invited but got fed and had a great time anyways.

  18. Before meeting Bee, Fabian had never watched Friends. We’ve watched the whole series twice now. Bee is a total Monica with dreams of being a Phoebe. Fabian is a mixture of both, Chandler and Joey.

  19. In our home you’ll hear both Spanish and English. Jax is learning both as well as some sign language for the basics like, please, more, all done, help, and eat.

  20. We bought our first house almost a year ago. Bee found the listing 2 hours after it was posted online. We did a walk thru, made an offer, and got accepted all in that same day. After all of that happened, Fabian told Bee he had seen the sellers remodeling it a month before we put in an offer. He had taken a photo to show me but never did. The photos are still on his iphone.

  21. Nacho Libre has been watched in our home at least 25 times. Netflix stopped streaming it for a short time and life in our home was rough. We have decided that Jax’s 3rd birthday will most likely be Nacho Libre themed. (It’s back on netflix by the way)

  22. @lizettefwtx asked us: Do y’all have a bucket-list as a couple? If so, what are some of the things on it? We had talked about this at one point but our main thing on the bucket-list was to travel. Fabian wants to go to the Netherlands and Bee wants to go to Greece.

  23. @chelslunaa asked Bee: How did you start singing? My parents are both musical, my dad is a band director and a drummer and my mom always sang at church and in a gospel choir. I guess I was surrounded by it. I started singing in church really young during our Christmas and Easter services. I also was in band and choir in high school. When I went to college I auditioned for the Women’s Choir and sang with them for two years. My true passion though is leading worship. You won’t find me doing karaoke or even singing in the shower. My singing is for Jesus.

  24. @wifelifekitchen asked us: What are you favorite places to go out to eat as a family with your little one? Two come to mind right away! A restaurant called Sushi Axiom, we all love sushi and Jax will practically eat a whole cup of chicken and vegetable fried rice. He also knows that when he is done eating he gets to use the chopsticks as drumsticks. That always keeps him entertained. We also love Red Robin. I mean the unlimited fries are a game changer! The decor is always so interesting to Jax, he gets crayons, and when we leave he gets his favorite, a balloon.

  25. @mc_lohman asked Bee: What pulled you to move from MI to TX? This is a long story but the short answer is God. When I came to Texas to visit the first time it honestly felt like home. I had never had that feeling but the people, my extended family, and just the atmosphere in Fort Worth was so homey. Michigan was starting to feel very much like my comfort zone. I had been asking God to pull me out of my comfort zone and he pulled me to Texas. I’ll do a blogpost on this one day!

As a family we love sharing our lives with y’all. We aren’t perfect and never will be. We hope that through our journey of marriage, parenting, and everything family related you can find inspiration. We also hope we can make you laugh too. And if you’ve chosen to follow along with us please leave us a comment and tell us who you are and one fun thing about you! And if you’re on the gram please throw your instagram handle in there too. We would love to follow you and put a face with the name!

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