Bee's Beauty Favs (Summer Edition)

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I personally am one who believes that Summer lasts well into September, it could be the Texas temps that keep me in Summer mode or the fact that (shock) I am not into Pumpkin Spice Lattes but we still have one more month left and I wanted to share some of my summer beauty favs with y'all!

If you were to ask Fabian how many shelves he has for his products in our restroom he would probably say, "none." And sadly that might be true. I love beauty products, despite rocking a more minimal beauty look on most days. If you see me at church on Sundays that's about as glam as I get. I have found some products that I just simply love and also are budget friendly. I splurge on products occasionally but most of the ones you see me using can be found at Target.


1. ColorPop Give it to me Straight Eyeshadow Palette: This is a new addition to my summer beauty bag but I have been rocking all of the matte shadows for the past 3 weeks and y'all ColorPop never goes wrong with their shadows and now you can buy their products at Ulta!

2. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper: This liner has been my go-to for YEARS! It glides on so smooth and lasts all day long! I was hesitant because of the price to buy my first one but you get what you pay for and this is so worth it!

3. Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara: I am always on the hunt for a new mascara. The last one I was using starting irritating my eyes. When I look for mascara I can't have a plastic brush and also it needs to be waterproof, this mama gets emotional sometimes. This has been a good one for Summer but I am still on the hunt for something better. If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments!

4. It Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream: I love the original CC cream by It Cosmetics and thought with Summer I would try this one. I do enjoy full coverage on my face but thankfully don't need something super heavy, so this does the job! The only thing that I don't like and I think it's just because I have an oily face but I need to blot by lunchtime. But once again, It Cosmetics made a product that I love! It's your skin but better, with an added glow!

5. Essence Highlighter: I have been using this highlighter for over a year, not sure how hygienic that is but I still haven't hit pan on it yet! I just add one swipe of this to my cheek bones everyday and it gives just the right amount of highlight. Of course if you want more of an impact, layer it on mama!

6. Island Orchid & Coconut Perfume: No link for this one but if you're in Old Navy in the next couple of weeks and waiting in line, take a sniff of this perfume! As a 30+ year old woman I think I should stop smelling like a coconut but I just love it! This perfume is the perfect blend of fresh and sweet. It's limited edition so I need to stock up on it before it's gone, you should too!

7. Maybelline Gigi Hadid Matte Lipstick in Austyn: This lipstick is the perfect matte! Not drying and doesn't flake and also doesn't bleed off your lips! It's the perfect blend of orange and red and is going to transition well into Fall! If you see it, pick it up! Remember though for matte lipsticks to really lay well, exfoliate your lips before you put it on. I find that helps the color pop and keeps your lips looking perfectly pouty! 

8. Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray: I will admit that there is a whole shelf in my restroom dedicated to Kristin Ess products, and that is because they are amazing! The scent, the price, the quality of the product, and the adorable packing, yes sign me up! When I do my messy beachy waves I don't leave the house without spraying this in my hair. Not only does my hair smell amazing the whole day but it gives just the right amount of texture to my waves that lasts all day! Don't over use this though, just a little spray will do!

9. Straw Crossbody Handbag: Alright, I know this isn't a beauty product but since we transitioined Jax out of his diaper bag mama gets to carry a purse again! This is what I have been wearing this Summer. It's super light, has the right amount of space for a wristlet, a couple lipsticks, your phone, and a pack of gum. You know, the essentials. Also, it's only $11! 

There you have it, that's what's in my summer beauty bag and on rotation for my daily summer look! What are you loving? Remember I need that mascara recommendation please! Also, 8/9 items have clickable links to purchase and remember you can pin my images to your pinterest for future reference when you're in the Target Beauty aisle and want to pick up something new!


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