What my Instagram caption really should have said.

I have a love/hate relationship with our favorite little app, Instagram. With great power comes great responsibility right? In a world full of highlights and putting our best selfie on the gram, what if our captions and inspirational quotes really gave the full story of our photos? What if we were really honest and said what our photos are already saying, because although you think you can hide behind a cute little caption we can all see through thirst traps, promo ads, and moments where your house seems spotless but we know you just pushed all the clutter out of the frame. (raises hand and pleads guilty!)

We do our best to keep it real but today we're gonna be really really real and give you the behind the scenes and inside scoop of some IG moments and share with y'all what our captions really should have said.  I am so happy to collab with some of my favorite IG mama's and bloggers in this post, their feeds and blogs will be linked so be sure to check them out!

Here's the behind the scenes of my latest instagram post because sometimes you just need to give yourself a laugh at how far you go to do it for the gram. Yes, as you can see we almost got hit by a car. We also had the camera propped up on top of a bass amp and other misc objects that were in our trunk, and took soooo many shots some with Fabian's hat and some without. I can't even remember a time when I just took one photo and called it good? 


I posted this collaboration photo almost a year ago and along with taking close to a hundred different shots, what the caption really should have said was, "my pants don't zip or button because I just had a baby but I love the look of the destructed denim so I tried my best to slip them on and suck in my mama pooch (I actually just cropped it out) while sitting on the floor, in the doorway of my apartment with my naked baby because, natural light."


Lauren from @inthemuddleofmitchells shared this post earlier in the week of her son and this iconic wall however, behind the scenes was some drama and what her caption really should have said was, “I tried to balance my phone on a picnic table with a rock and the self timer setting turned on. A random lady walking past me and ended up taking this picture because she saw me awkwardly starting the countdown on my phone, jogging to the wall, and then trying to lovingly pose with my child. Whatever it takes for the “effortless love just casually standing in front this gorgeous backdrop” look... I really just wanted to add flowers to my feed.”

My friend and mama @ardenelise decide to keep it real with us by sharing her camera roll and how many moments she snapped to find the perfect one for the gram. Her gorgeous daughter was showing off her outfit and long summer locks at a local hot spot but what the caption really should have said was, "getting a good picture of my kids only costs me a frappuccino, my phone's full memory, and my sanity."


unnamed (2).png

My friend and expecting mama, JoJo over at @mamakeavy posted a recent bumpdate and I mean how adorable is her baby bump?!? She shared with us how her daughter wanted to wear her shirt just like mama but what the caption really should have said was, "I actually photo shopped Remi into this picture because she refused to take a photo with me...is that taking it too far?"



Alyx over at @amartinezco who also has a bomb website, recently shared her kitchen remodel with the gram world. I always love her captions and she keeps it real but what the caption really should have say was, "Me: opens a Coke so I have something to hold in my photo. Pours it in a wine glass to pretend I have wine. Takes 87 pictures. 86 are really, really, unflattering. One has to work. Edits the photo while my herd of kids scream. Dumps Coke down the sink." 


Bethany over at @wavesandlilacs who also has a blog you should check out, posted this adorable sponsored photo last week that left us all craving watermelon. What her caption really should have said was, "Emmett never wants to pose for photos anymore so I stopped trying mostly. However, for this photo I needed him. Jake and I ran through different options and concluded that feeding him watermelon would get him to cooperate...and it worked...and was followed by a much needed bath." 

unnamed (3).png

Earlier in the week @_abbyelisabeth shared a cute kissy photo with such a creative angle and spoke about an at home diy eczema recipe that was helping her son but what her caption really should have said was, "Definitely gave me a kiss and flipped his bowl of tomatoes off onto the floor. Tomato juice everywhere! What we do for a cute photo." 


Here's the thing about social media. It's fun, we all love it. Let's not let it become a highlight reel for us. Let's keep things real and share real life moments and real life words. People connect with what is real. I hope you got a laugh out of some of these "what my instagram caption really should have said" moments. Please check out these awesome mama's hustling and doing their thing on social. You can tap on all of their handles and find their feeds or blogs.

Do you have a "what my caption really should have said" example? Leave it in the comments! Don't forget your IG handle. I wanna put a face with the name!