So this is 31.


31 is pretty much what I expected it to be. Once I had met Fabian I realized I had this secret desire to be a mama by the time I was 30 and God made it happen. What is it about age that makes us want to get going on our life check list? I re-watched the Friends Episode where they all turn thirty and as each one had a meltdown over getting older I couldn't help get excited about turning 31!

Honestly, and this isn't me bragging or anything but, I feel like I am getting better with age. I am learning more, my personality is really becoming true to who I am, I am surrounded by awesome friends and family who know me and accept me flaws and all, and I am happy. 

I had wanted to accomplish two things before I turned 31. Get our family website up and running and lose all the Jax weight that I gained while being pregnant. Well, I accomplished one of them! And the other one, that's the goal for year 31. My health.

So here's to 31 and here's to our new blog. Thank you for stopping by and we hope that you've bookmarked us so you can become a regular! If you would leave a comment, say hola, and tell me one fun thing about yourself. Oh and leave your IG handle, I want to put a face with a name!

We cannot wait to start sharing our family moments with y'all again!