Get out of your rut!

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Our daily routine of parenting can very easy put us in a rut. There are some days I just wish giant arrow would fall from the sky and give me some sense of direction when I am feeling super uninspired or feeling lost. We're in a world full of moms who are all doing other mom related things and sometimes we lose ourselves in the mama world. It's easy to lose passions or forget about all the creative skills you have and haven't used in a while when you aren't intentional about maintaining the creative side of YOU. 

You see, I think everyone is a creative. And if you haven't figured out what your niche is that's ok, you will. Cause it's there. Whether you're working on a DIY project, doing it for the gram, or even trying to maintain a side hustle to support your shoe shopping habits, creative ruts are bound to happen. I've been there. I've had so many creative and "me time" plans scheduled during the naptime hustle but end up sitting next to a pile of unfolded laundry watching yet another episode of KKUTK. If I were honest (which I will always try to be) I maintain a 50% creative rut average, daily. 

In a #communityovercompetition world I think we all need to be inspired by each other and willing to inspire others and especially as mamas! We need each other! If you have a super secret creative skill that you don't want anyone else to know, I get it. Keep it to yourself. But for me, a part of being a creative is being willing to grow this community. Which remember, we are all creatives so, why not help a sista out?

When I find myself in a creative rut there are a few things I do to pull myself out of it. And we're gonna keep this short and sweet so you can get to your creating and start inspiring others!

  1. I stop comparing myself to everyone else.

  2. I take a walk or give myself some silent non-phone time. God is always talking to me when I am quiet and have no distractions.

  3. I surround myself with like minded community. (That's church talk for people doing what you want to be doing.)

  4. Age old trick but it works, I go on pinterest. If you're there say hi to my pinterest husband who is responsible for the creative DIY projects currently happening in our home.

  5. I search hashtags and bookmark images on instagram.

  6. This tip came from my husband and you would think everyone knows this but... go on youtube! There is literally a tutorial for anything and everything! Go and learn... for free!

  7. And lastly I write out my creative goals and I am specific about how I need to achieve them.

What do you do to get yourself out of the mama world for a bit and get yourself creating again? Have you lost some passion? Remember that you were you before you became a mama. I hope those little tips can help stir up your creative flow because remember, YOU are a creative and creatives inspire others!