Becoming Mrs. Right


I had 20 more minutes. The dress was on and the butterflies were fluttering. I heard a knock at the door and my friend walked in holding a teal box. She said, "Fabian wanted you to have this. And he said you need to wear it." I opened the Kate Spade box and inside was the most delicate gold necklace that said, "Mrs. Right." Queue the tears!

I was Mrs. Right. But seriously, how the heck did that happen and how do I maintain my Mrs. Right status? 

Like always, I am just going to speak from experience here and we'll see if we end up with some type of 'how to/top 10' list. First off, let me tell you that my mood and attitude are not always at Mrs. Right status. For experimental purposes, I dare you to try something one day. At the end of your work day walk into your home all grumpy and upset. Watch how instantly the home changes. Everyone starts getting on each others nerves and you end up eating a silent dinner. If you haven't figured it out by now let me tell you, the woman sets the mood of the home. The phrase 'Happy Wife, Happy Life' is pretty appropriate for this and it's true but it's not one sided and up to Mr. Right to make that happen. Mrs. Right watches her mood and her tude. (I don't always get this right).

When Fabian and I reminisce on our dating days we always go back to our first unofficial date and how we just talked and listened to each others stories until the wee hours of the next morning. Mrs. Right is a listener, like a true attentive not distracted by anything else but her Mr. Right type of listener. Believe it or not but listening can be hard. We get distracted with other things, we start thinking of our response, or even worse we start responding negatively in our heads while still nodding along not staying truly attentive. Mrs. Right listens and more importantly she hears.

You know that verse about the man being the head of the household? (It's 1 Corinthians 11:3 if you want to reference it later) Mrs. Right honors the God given authority that was given to her Mr. Right. This doesn't mean that Mrs. Right doesn't have a voice because God gave us one, it means that a woman is to respect and honor his role as the head. In millennial terms, let your man wear the pants in the relationship. Mrs. Right doesn't think she is the neck that gets to turn the head.

You know that age old question that most of us hate... you know the one... it's the one that we are all so blessed to be able to ask one another and take for granted all the time. "Where do you want to go eat?" This question can cause arguments, changes moods, and create tudes in a matter of minutes. Here's how I am learning to handle it, I give a real answer rather than responsding with, "I don't care. Whatever you want is fine." You ask, I'll tell you. You want sushi, say you want sushi. You need more help around the home, say you need more help. You need some more netflix and chill time, you... I think you get the picture. Mrs. Right communicates her needs and speaks. 


Becoming Mrs. Right isn't an easy task and to be honest it's a daily walking out and a conscious decision to be Mrs. Right. To be joyful, to listen, to honor and respect, to communicate, and most importantly to love, unconditionally, the Mr. Right that God has blessed you with. I don't always get it right but even when I fail I remember the minutes before we said, "I do" I was his Mrs. Right. 

How are you learning to become Mrs. Right?