Describe your style


LookVine called me out recently for having casual style and being a fashion influencer (which I really don't think I am). They asked to interview me for their site and gave me a few questions to answer. It really got me thinking about my style and how it has changed over my 30 years of life. If I look back there are for sure some key fashion moments that I remember. The one that I most recently shared with my husband was, when I was rocking straight wide leg elastic jeans in the 6th grade because your girl was husky. To this day my mom will tell you how horrible she felt about me wearing those but she couldn't find jeans that would fit me correctly. But you know what, I don't have bad memories about those jeans. I remember wearing them with confidence!

If I had to describe my style now, it's still confident but it for sure leans to the casual side of the spectrum. I've never been one to glam it up without having a purpose for the glam. If you see me at church that's about as glam as I get. I've turned into this tee and jeans mama and I am OK with that. Solid basics are my thing and if I venture into any type of patterns it's normally stripes. I stay within a certain color palette because through like I said earlier, 30 years of experimenting with my style, I have finally found the colors and shades I really love. Denim is my best friend, especially if it has some type of stretch in it. Accessories are minimum and not distracting and shoes are always comfortable. 

I am the type of person that has an idea of what I am shopping for and if the store doesn't have it, I don't waste my time trying to make a second option work. Being 5'5' and curvy I know what stores fit and flatter my body the best, ASOS, Old Navy, Gap, PinkBlush, and H&M are my go-to's. I've developed a keen eye and can tell just by looking at a shirt on a hanger whether it will work for me or not. This mama has very little time to mess around with fitting rooms.


If I could give you one piece of advice as a fashion influencer (which I still am not), it would be to find the styles that fit your body the best. This comes with trial and error and patience. Having a friend or in my case a husband who will give you an honest opinion about your outfit and how it looks is pretty essential too.

If something you're wearing is getting complimented think about the shape, the fabric, the color, and how you styled it. Think about how you felt in that look and try and duplicate it with something you already have in your closet. Your style doesn't need to have any rules. Express who you are and wear what you like. Shop for what fits your body and don't worry about what the tag says (you're the only one who can see it anyways). And most importantly, if you wear it with confidence you'll always be best dressed, like me in the 6th grade rocking those elastic husky girl jeans.

So tell me, how would you describe your style? Give me one word and your go-to store!


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