The Day He Proposed


February 12 means more to us than Valentine's day. It was the day that we both decided to commit to doing life together forever. It was the day Fabian asked me to marry him. I love hearing relationship stories. How people met, who asked out who, and when was the moment you both fell in love. I love every piece of our love story but here’s one of my favorite parts. The proposal.

A couple weeks prior to the February 12, 2016, Fabian had set up a couples Valentine's day photo shoot for us. He had a hard time getting me to agree to do it because I thought it was weird that we were just dating and doing a photo shoot together. I told him, "only couples who are engaged or married do something like that." I reluctantly agreed and even asked to leave work a little early so I could spend some extra time getting ready. This whole thing kinda threw me off because he is not the "planning" type. But I figured we would at least get some cute photos together so I just went with the flow.

He picked me up around 4, looking pretty darn hot and we drove to our location in downtown Fort Worth. Fabian originally chose to shoot at a park but after he checked out the location he later told me it didn't seem right and also, shared with me the sweet little vlog he made explaining what was about to go down.

We ended up shooting at an old Methodist church that has now been turned into a police headquarters. We met up with our photographer, Lisa and she started snapping photos of us together right away. I was enjoying it and didn't think it was weird anymore. We were just two people in love.

10 minutes into our session Lisa said, "Ok Bethany why don't we get some shots of just you." I started to feel a little vulnerable but just went with it. She did a great job helping me find ways to pose my body to make me not feel so nervous. At this time Fabian said, "I am gonna go back to the truck and get my wallet." I knew he had to pay Lisa so I still wasn't suspicious of anything at all. Lisa continued shooting pictures of me and pulled me out in front of this beautiful archway to get the last single shot.


I was still totally clueless as to what was happening but you know how you can feel energy sometimes? I could feel Fabian behind me but I thought he was just sitting on the bench or table just waiting for instructions from Lisa. I had no idea he was so close to me and he was down on one knee. No clue at all until Lisa told me to turn around.

There he was, down on one knee with the most beautiful rose gold ring just begging to be put on my finger! Fabian said the sweetest and most loving words which I honestly can't remember but all I know was that day I committed to spending the rest of my life with one amazing man.

Little did I know, he had been talking to Lisa about this photo shoot for weeks as well as discussing it with my parents and his parents. They were all in on it! And as soon as the ring was on my finger we looked up into the parking ramp where Fabian's sister was capturing every moment from above. She was in on it too!


Those arches and that spot mean a lot to us. We've gone to that spot every year around this time to remember our commitment to one another and also, to look back on our journey together. Three years ago we decided to take a giant leap of faith with one another and we haven't looked back since.


And if you haven't figured it out by now, Fabian didn't go back to the truck for his wallet. Later when we got our couple/engagement photos I said, "your wallet is in these photos!" He told me he went back to get the box for the ring.

Our marriage isn't perfect but our story is and it's my favorite. And capturing life moments under these arches is my favorite too!