2018 Review

Has a full year gone by already? Y’all, we cannot believe it! Looking back on our 2018 as a family it’s been a year of growth, a year of learning, a year of extra communication, and a year of trusting God for every step we take. The year started out with me, Bee launching LaVidaVera Photo! I learned a lot about my photography business and what it takes to run it successfully. I loved every session that was booked with me this year and all the new families and friends I got to meet. I can’t wait to photograph more families, couples, baby bumps and new littles in 2019! You can always click HERE to book your session!

This year in parenting department we had to learn a lot with our Jax. Between sleep training, the chicken pox, turning one and getting his first haircut, we went through a lot of milestones this year. Jax was also dedicated at our church this year and we all celebrated him afterward with a bbq lunch!

Jax is ending 2018 weighing in at 28.2lbs, wearing 3T, and a 5.5 shoe. He loves “Mcqueen” and Curious George. He’ll eat the heck outta any cracker and prefers water over milk. He also loves animals and has no fear when it comes to climbing anything. He is still growing his curls out and we will probably keep growing em out until Summer rolls around again!


Our marriage went through some ups and downs this year. We both discovered through our different personalities what the other one really needs and wants in our relationship. We know that we are complete opposites so it’s super importante to understand how and why the other spouse’s reasoning for things. We’ve dove deep into date nights trying to get at least 2 in a month if we can. We also have made a conscious effort to quickly let the little booty hurts go. We realized that together we are our own family and the health of our marriage will always be our priority. It hasn’t been easy and we have had some hard conversations and a couple nights with one of us on the couch but what God brought together, no man or devil can tear apart.


This year we were able to take a couple trips as a family. Of course we went several times to The Silos, Waco is so close to us it’s one of our favorite day trip getaways. We took our first long road trip with Jax this Summer to Destin , Florida. It was an interesting trip but we had a blast together as a family and all came home with a good tans and Jax got to dip his toes in the ocean. He liked it but was more a fan of the pool. We also, went to San Antonio for a long weekend and put our teamwork to the test as we spent our first trip away from home with Jax. He did great, just in case you were wondering!

Also, this year our LaVidaVera site was launched! We blog about our lives, and if you’re hear reading this you know that we are all about keeping it real. We will continue to share about our parenting journey, our marriage, and overall familia fun. We have some fun things already in the works for 2019 and we can’t wait to have you along for the journey. If you’re reading this, MUCHAS GRACIAS! We are so happy to have you apart of our family. Leave a comment and say hi! Tell us where you’re from and let us know what you would like to see next year from us!

LOVE, The Veras!

P.S. It wouldn’t be a 2018 review without mentioning some of the amazing brands that we were able to collaborate with through social media and our blog. Pink Blush, Clinique, Frontera, Social Print Studio, Ivy and Fig, Tommy’s Superfood, Saffron Road, Publishers Clearing House, OPI, Ren Skincare, and Formulate.