How Bee does Balance

When I got married, I wanted to be a super wife. I worked really hard to keep my super wife status but then I entered the world of motherhood and I realized very quickly that my “super” status needed to go and that as much as I try, I cannot do it all.

I remember when I was little my parents put me in gymnastics. I don’t know if it was their idea or mine but none the less there I was, little husky B strutting her stuff across the balance beam. Y’all, I didn’t get passed the first day. I fell off the beam, must’ve freaked out my mama and never came back. Balance… it’s not easy y’all.


Being able to balance, marriage, motherhood, my career, friendships, my small business, my instagram game, my blog, the laundry, meal planning, my diet, exercise, my devotionals, ministry, life groups, play dates, time with the in-laws, time with my parents, date nights, netflix and chill, and even showering… there’s just a lot that we all carry on our plates and some days it all works and others it’s a mess but what I am learning in trying to find balance is… when I prioritize my day I give my best yes to my purpose.

That means I take a daily look at my priorities and figure out what is important, today. As a planner it’s really hard for me just to think about one day but also, as someone who can get easily overwhelmed with a whole list of “to-dos,” prioritizing my today has really helped me. For me, some of my top priorities that stay consistent are my relationship with God, my marriage, motherhood, and my career. And most of the time in that order.

Listing out my priorities for today re-wires my thinking, my people pleasing, and my time management. It allows me to feel a sense of freedom in my day. It reminds me that through keeping God at the top (and even when He isn’t on the top), He fills me with his spirit to live out each day with joy, peace, patience, kindness, virtue, faith, gentleness, and strength. And that y’all, is how B does balance.

How do you find your balance? Have you found a daily practice that helps you prioritize your life? Tell me how you do it!

“But the fruit, produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:

joy that overflows,
peace that subdues,
patience that endures,
kindness in action,
a life full of virtue,
faith that prevails,
gentleness of heart, and
strength of spirit.

Never set the law above these qualities, for they are meant to be limitless.

Galatians 5:22-23 (TPT)