Family Christmas Cards w/ Social Print Studio

We had the honor of shooting with one of our favorite photographers, Jesse at Eagle Mountain Park for our family photos this year and the trees and scenery were perfect! This photo session was a bit of a collab and I am so grateful that Jesse shot the images and allowed me to do the editing. We had an amazing time capturing family moments. Keep scrolling to see some of the photos and also, for a sneak peak at our Christmas Card this year with Social Print Studio!


This year we are so excited to partner with Social Print Studio to purchase our Christmas Cards. It really couldn’t be more easy. I used their ‘Greetings’ app and since all of our photos end up living on our phone anyways having this app handy will help remind me that I need to print my photos more often. Ok, so all I did was download the app, choose ‘Holiday” and the option for our card that we decided on was ‘Bright 5.” I added the photos, edited the text, and bam. Ordered! I told you it was so easy!

Y’all we have ordered from Social Print Studio before, and if you’ve seen the instagram grid that lives in our kitchen, yup… those are from social prints! Printing your memories are not only important so that the photo lives on passed the full storage notification on your phone but also, it allows you to be creative in how you display all your favorite memories. Be sure to check out this amazing company! They are Vera approved!