About The Veras

Our story began shortly after I (Bethany) followed God's will for my life and moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Fort Worth, Texas. I met Fabian at a local church youth group. I was invited to speak at a Friday night service. He found me after the service to tell me how I had confirmed something that God had told him that morning in the message that I shared. 20 minutes later in our conversation a huge rush of confidence came over me and I finally said, "so are you going to ask me for my number or what?"

We started hanging out every day and spent time with family and friends along the way. Shortly after starting to date we knew that God brought us together for a reason. Fabian surprised me with a Valentine's day couples photo shoot where in the middle of it he changed my world by proposing to me.

We were married June 10, 2016 and started our life together as husband and wife. Just a few months later God surprised us. Our family of two was about to become a family of three. We were expecting our first child, a boy in June of 2017.

June 17, 2017 our son Jax Fernando Fabian Vera was born and our world changed once again.

Join us as we navigate through this world of marriage, parenting, and family. 

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